Another Tram

Another Tram

A couple of months ago, I blogged about the special tram that Fujifilm Belgium  had driving around Antwerp. In November they repeated this stunt in Brussels and I was commissioned to take pictures of it again. Shooting a big moving thing in a busy city poses already enough challenges in itself. The tram can’t wait for the photographer so if you miss the shot, you have to wait until the tram does a complete lap of it’s route before you see it again. Depending on the line, this can take between one and two hours. On top of that we found out that public transport companies don’t really excel in communication and dependability (and that’s a very mild way to express myself). 

For the tram in Brussels we decided to try something a bit different and do a shoot with a model and the tram. The shoot could only be done at the end of the month which gave us very little second chances in case something went wrong. Therefor I decided to go out on my own a week before the scheduled shoot with a double mission: scout the location and capture some decent images of the tram so we would have at least something if anything would go wrong on the planned shoot. Here are a couple of pictures of my safety mission:

20131121_x-tram_012 20131121_x-tram_022 20131121_x-tram_029

The day for the model/tram shoot turned out to be very chilly. Luckily our model Liesbet and my helpers Hans and Jonathan were real troopers braving a long wait before we finally spotted the tram. We used our waiting time well by testing and perfecting our flexible lighting setup and go over plan A, B and C to get the most out of our short time with the X-tram. We picked this particular spot because it’s where the tram has to wait a couple of minutes before turning back. This gave us about 15 minutes of shooting time in three slightly different spots without interrupting the tram’s schedule. Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures by Jonathan. 

20131127_bts-x-tram_020 20131127_bts-x-tram_024 20131127_bts-x-tram_026 20131127_bts-x-tram_035 20131127_bts-x-tram_048

And here are some of the results:

20131127_x-tram_005 20131127_x-tram_006 20131127_x-tram_010 20131127_x-tram_025 20131127_x-tram_029 20131127_x-tram_033 20131127_x-tram_038


Luckily we made the most of our fifteen minutes with the tram because when we wanted to move to the next location, we saw the tram go into the maintenance area. A couple of phone calls later we found out the tram had a small accident and has to go in for a complete inspection according to the rules. I had some more shots in mind in different styles but unfortunately the accident put an end to our shooting day. I can only be very thankful that I had such an amazing team to work with in order to secure at least some good pictures.