First Impressions Fujinon XF10-24mmF4 R OIS Lens

First Impressions Fujinon XF10-24mmF4 R OIS Lens

Last year I decided to put all my stuff for photographers on a different website ( But lately I’ve been having some problems with that website and to be honest I find it hard to produce regular new content for two websites too. So for now, I’m posting this “photographer’s post” here. 

When I was in Japan, I had the opportunity to have a couple of hours with a prototype of the new Fujinon XF10-24mmF4 R OIS lens. I don’t shoot a lot with wide angle lenses, so I’m definitely not an expert. But I’ll share my first impressions with you anyway. 


It wasn’t a surprise but the 10-24 is a pretty big and heavy lens (if you compare it to the other X-lenses that is). However in practical use, it wasn’t an issue at all. As we’ve come to expect the lens is really well made and has a nice quality no-nonsense feel to it. I really love the fact that it has internal zooming, meaning that it doesn’t extend when zooming in (like the 18-55 and 55-200). The constant F/4 aperture is also nice. 


I already found my 14mm pretty wide but 10mm is incredibly wide, just look at the picture below of my amazing (and messy) hotel room in Yokohama. Some distortion is unavoidable with a lens this wide (certainly with a zoom lens). You can’t defeat the laws of physics so the perspective distortion can’t be avoided (although pretty easily corrected in post). But when you use this kind of wide lens, I find it more interesting to play with that larger-than-life feel than to correct the perspective. I would have expected a lot more curved lines around the edges but the Fuji engineers kept that nicely under control. 


When it comes to image quality, I can find very little flaws. I’m sure lab measurements will show some vignetting in the corners and a little less sharpness wide open. But in practical use, this lens produces the nice crisp images, that I’ve become used to with the Fujinon lenses. Even shooting straight into the sun, the lens is amazingly flare resistant. The image stabilization works really well too. 

20140215_cp+_056 20140215_cp+_057

To give you an idea what the difference is between 10mm and 24mm:

20140215_cp+_133 20140215_cp+_135


So what do I think? Great lens and I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend it to Fuji shooters who like it really wide. I’ll probably stick to the 14mm but that has nothing to do with the quality of the 10-24. It’s just that I don’t shoot a lot of wide angle pictures and for the few that I do, the 14mm is a better choice to me because it takes up less space and weight in my bag. But if I shot a lot of wide angle work, I would definitely add this lens to my collection. 

Full Disclosure: Yes I’ve done some work for Fujifilm Japan and Fujifilm Belgium. I’m also an X-photographer and on this trip I was paid to talk at the Fujifilm stage at CP+. However my words and thoughts are mine and mine only. Fujifilm respects my opinions and have never tried to influence them. If you choose to believe otherwise, feel free to stop reading my blog.