During the last year, I’ve dedicated most of my practice time to reportage/documentary photography. I’ll keep spending time on documentary stories but it’s also time to shoot some new work to update my portrait portfolio. So I didn’t hesitate when my friend Laurent, invited me to join him for a test/fun shoot with two talented young women and one of the best make-up artists I know. I’ve worked with Floriane for the first time a couple of weeks ago for a new Confessions XL instructional video (which should be available soon). She may not have tons of experience in front of the camera but I really enjoyed her fearlessness towards expressing herself visually. 

20140414_floriane_008 20140414_floriane_017 20140414_floriane_018


I shot with just available light pretty much all afternoon. I also wanted to try out an idea with long exposures in combination with flash. We couldn’t get the idea to work and the cold evening wind forced us to abandon it (for now) and come up with a plan B quickly before our models turned into icicles. We ended up rigging the Ranger Quadra with an orange gel over the standard reflector in order to create some quick drama. 

20140414_floriane_030 20140414_floriane_032 20140414_floriane_038

Stay tuned for the pictures of our second model and much more.