Hang Me on Your Wall

Hang Me on Your Wall

Last week I put a picture on Instagram of myself standing next to a huge print of one of my Tokyo pictures in the showroom of Fujifilm Belgium. To my big surprise I’ve been receiving quite a number of emails from people who would also like to buy a print of this picture or others. It humbles me and fills me with pride that some of you would like one of my street/travel/landscape/whatever pictures on your wall so I went looking for a solution to make that possible. And the good new is: I found it this morning.

From now on, you can buy prints of some of my pictures on:

FT-2013-11-29 12.53.49-2

My online print store currently contains a mix of street, documentary, travel, landscape and underwater pictures which are all available in different materials, sizes, frames, … (but do me a favor and don’t order canvas, I don’t like seeing my pictures on canvas). I find the pricing of this print selling service very reasonable and most of what you pay will go into the printing itself. They ship worldwide but be aware that for European customers there are some import taxes to be paid. But even with shipping and taxes, the dollar to euro conversion makes the prints very good value for money. 

If there’s anything else you’d like to see in my print store, let me know. And if you happen to buy a print, I’d love to see a picture of the print on your wall. 

PS: prints make for great holiday gifts ;-)