Japan – Trip to CP+ (Part 2)

Japan – Trip to CP+ (Part 2)

After the snowy start, things returned to relatively normal thanks to the hard working Japanese who made Yokohama accessible again after being shut down for only a day. After a decent night of sleep, I woke up to the sight of Mount Fuji. I could get used to this view from my bedroom. 


But enough about the view, it was time to do what I came for: speaking about my work and my use of the Fujifilm cameras at CP+. So after breakfast we headed over to the conference venue for briefing, testing, …


CP+ is the biggest photography show in Asia and it’s pretty similar to Photokina. Fujifilm had a nice big stand and it was definitely one of the busiest, if not THE most popular, of the whole show. The much anticipated new camera, the X-T1, was a big hit and people cued for a long time to get a chance to try one out. 


I’ve said it before and will say it again: one of the things I like so much about Fujifilm is that they really care about photographers and photography. The stand was packed with very nicely printed photographs from a number of the Fujifilm X photographers. It’s a great honor to be one of them and an even greater honor to see one of my test images with the 56mm lens printed REALLY big. 

cp04 cp05 cp06 cp07

While Kevin Mullins was being briefed for his presentation I had some time to wander around the show. What really struck me is that the Japanese are really into the paparazzi-thing. 

cp08 cp09 cp10 cp11

Kevin is a wedding photographer and I really admire his work, so I went to watch his presentation although I knew his high level presentation would make me nervous for mine. A big crowd had gathered for Kevin’s talk but thanks to my very un-Japanese size, I could easily take some pictures over the crowd’s heads. 

cp12 cp13

A bit later, it was my turn. I must admit that I was a bit intimidated by the size of the crowd and the fact that we had to work with a live-on-stage translator. But I think it all went pretty good. I only noticed one guy snoozing. I took this quick shot of (part of) the crowd from the stage:


That night, I combined Belgian food culture with Japanese skills:


On my last day we relocated to the center of Tokyo for a day of interesting meetings at Fujifilm headquarters with the people who design our favorite cameras, lenses and accessories. Fuji really appreciates our feedback on their products and they have proven again and again that they actually act on it too. We had very open discussion on how to make the existing cameras even better, which features we would like to see in future cameras, which lenses and accessories we would like to see them produce, … I love the open atmosphere in which this all happens. Without having to sign any NDAs we got a good look into Fujifilm’s plans for the near future and we all feel free to speak our minds and be honest about the good and the not so good features. It’s this openness that have allowed Fujifilm to bring the best out of it’s talented, visionary and hard working employees and put the Fujifilm X-system firmly on the map in a surprisingly short amount of time. 


The Fuji guys are not only talented at making cameras, they also proved to be excellent at karaoke. And thus my stay in Tokyo ended with a six hour karaoke marathon. Even I took place behind the microphone (shot by Kevin):


After a couple of hours of sleep, it was then time to say goodbye again to Tokyo and head for the airport for the long way back home. 



Thanks to all the Fujifilm people, Gianluca, Marc, Jim, Kevin, Marika and all the new friends I made for this great trip!!!