Kevin Mullins joins the KAGE Collective

Kevin Mullins joins the KAGE Collective

I’m very happy to announce that my buddy Kevin Mullins has joined The KAGE Collective (an international group of visual storytellers of which I’m very proud to be part of).

I must admit that I didn’t know Kevin, nor his work before we met back in September in Tokyo. He flew in just in time to join Zack, David and I for a presentation about our work with the Fujifilm cameras for the Japanese press. I was definitely not the only one who was blown away by Kevin’s work and vision.

Kevin and I also spent a wonderful long sightseeing day in Tokyo (thanks to our Fujifilm guides Yuto and Yuta). We started our day early in the fish market and saw non-swimming whale meat for the first time.


In a toy store, we discovered how Japanese women multitask:


And we spent a couple of hours high up the Tokyo Sky Tree for the light to be right. There was also a thing called “the sink incident”. I have no pictures of that but I will write it down in my memoirs in 30 years or so.


I hope Kevin will agree that we became friends that day and we’ve kept in touch ever since. Last February when I was invited back to Japan, I was thrilled to find out that Kevin would be there too. The worst snow Tokyo has seen in 40 years, cancelled our speaking engagements at CP+ on our first day, so we could go out for another day of photography and conversations.


20140215_cp+_118 20140216_cp+_228


If you didn’t know Kevin yet, check out his wedding work and his blog for photographers (and if you want to see a fine example of Kevin’s documentary eye, don’t miss this video).

At the virtual KAGE headquarters everyone already respected Kevin’s work a lot but we simply never realised he would be interested to join our group. At the same time Kevin has been a KAGE fan, since it’s inception and never realised we would like him to join the group. It’s great to see that a number of circumstances led to something that should have happened much earlier. I’m looking forward to see Kevin’s work on The KAGE Collective. We aren’t always producing the amount work, we would like to but the collective is much more than just a publishing platform to us. The virtual discussions and editing sessions we have almost daily can sometimes be pretty confrontational but are always honest and encouraging. I’ve learned so much from the other members since I joined and I’m sure Kevin will be another creative force within the group.

So keep an eye on The KAGE Collective. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll publish some amazing stories.

BTW, all the Tokyo presentations I talked about in the beginning of this post were filmed and uploaded to YouTube:
- Kevin’s presentation and a short interview
- David’s presentation and a short interview
- Zack’s presentation and a short interview
- my presentation and a short interview