Last Hunting Shoot of 2013

Last Hunting Shoot of 2013

The prime hunting season in Belgium is already over halfway, and I still have a ton of pictures to make if I want to finish my project in 2014. So when I get the chance to join my friends from Adventure Zone on a driven pheasant hunt, I didn’t hesitate. Here are some of the pictures:

20131229_adventure-zone-jodoigne_015 20131229_adventure-zone-jodoigne_018 20131229_adventure-zone-jodoigne_024 20131229_adventure-zone-jodoigne_025 20131229_adventure-zone-jodoigne_046 20131229_adventure-zone-jodoigne_049 20131229_adventure-zone-jodoigne_052 20131229_adventure-zone-jodoigne_058 20131229_adventure-zone-jodoigne_075 20131229_adventure-zone-jodoigne_082 20131229_adventure-zone-jodoigne_090 20131229_adventure-zone-jodoigne_097 20131229_adventure-zone-jodoigne_102 20131229_adventure-zone-jodoigne_104 20131229_adventure-zone-jodoigne_108

My son has been very fascinated with the pictures of my Hunting Project and curious about the whole hunting thing. Since this was during a school holiday, I took him along to see for himself. He greatly enjoyed the day out in the field although it took him a while to learn how to stay out of my frame ;-)


But he did manage to make a pretty decent portrait of yours truly.