One Million Steps – Past the Halfway Mark

One Million Steps – Past the Halfway Mark

In case you are wondering how I’m doing with my 1.000.000 steps project, well I’m over halfway. On some days, it’s getting harder to motivate myself to do reach my 10.000 steps a day goal. There are a couple of factors that make it harder now:

- with the summer holidays, I lost the daily walks to bring my kids to school. That’s about 2.000 steps I have to do another way
- I found out that I rather go for a walk in the fields on a cold, rainy day that on a warm, sunny one.
- the “been there, done that” feeling is getting stronger each day.

But as I’ve learned back in 2009 when I did my 50/50 project (I shot for 50 consecutive days with only my 50mm lens), when it gets harder, it also get more interesting. I just tend to make more interesting work when I have to push myself.

Here are some shots that I made during my first 500.000 steps.

20140512_walk_012 20140514_walk_001 20140514_walk_007 20140517_le_001 20140525_walk_004 20140525_walk_007 20140525_walk_008 20140528_walk_001 20140529_walk_007 20140529_walk_015 20140530_various_008 20140603_walk_006 20140605_LE_003 20140609_jaarmarkt-zemst_006


There are a lot more pictures, some even still need to be processed. And no doubt there are still pictures to come during the next 500K steps. I’m thinking about turning the pictures and my experiences into a little e-book. But first … Keep Walking!!!