When documenting a hunting day out of pure curiosity, I discovered a fascinating world in which the actual shot plays just a very minor part. As weird as it seems for an outsider, I learned that hunting is about culture, friendship, respect and above all: a passionate love affair with nature. Therefor I decided to start my first ever long term documentary project to take you with me on a personal discovery.


I’m aware that hunting is a highly controversial subject, certainly in Belgium, and I don’t want to take sides. But I do feel there’s a need to investigate the subject with an open view and I’m using my camera as my passport into this world. 

The final result of this project will be a beautiful hardcover coffee table book and an exhibition. I still have a lot to learn and shoot, so the book won’t be out before 2014. I’m overwhelmed by the magnitude of the project that I’ve taken on but I truly enjoy the freedom that comes with working locally and having the luxury of time. Balancing such a personal project with running a business and raising a family can be a challenge at times but I’m hoping I can count on your support.

I will keep you posted on the hunting project through updates on my blog.